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What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is the Single Largest Fitness Workout Program in the World Today.

CrossFit is:

  • For people looking to regain health, strength, fitness, or weight loss.
  • For people who want some variety in their lives and need something more than a Treadmill, Elliptical, or need some direction in their workout.
  • For people who have limited time and can only spend 1 hour in the gym on they days they can squeeze a workout in.
  • For people who want results.

What is F.I.T.?

F.I.T. is a High Intensity Interval Training workout program similar to CrossFit, but focused solely on light weight and body weight movement.

What is F.I.T.?

  • For people looking for a CrossFit or similar program, but don't want to "lift heavy"
  • For people who want a full body workout every day and need it in less than an hour.
  • For people worried about injury, just getting started, or wanting to "tone up"
  • For people who want results.

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More Choices in Wallingford, North Haven

We are the Best Gym in Wallingford, Hamden and North Haven for High Intensity Workouts. Our two main programs, CrossFit and F.I.T. are designed to give you the results you’re looking for and the workout you need. We are the only gym around Wallingford to give you so many choices. What is your goal? Are you looking to get stronger, lose weight, get in shape, or get healthy? Regardless, the answer to your fitness goal is the same. Find a High Intensity Training program at a Gym you will enjoy and can attend 4 to 6 times per week.

FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith is open 6 days per week. Our Gym serves people who live and work around Wallingford, North Haven, Hamden and New Haven. Our Gym offers classes from 5:30am through 7:30pm, so you’re sure to find a class time that fits into your schedule. You won’t find more flexibility to get your workout in than at our Fitness Facility anywhere around the Wallingford North Haven area. We have CrossFit workouts 6 days per week, F.I.T. Boot Camp workouts 6 days per week, We have the High Intensity Exercise Program you’re looking for.

Are you looking to do Cardio today? Come join us for a F.I.T. Boot Camp Fitnessclass in Wallingford. Are you looking to get stronger today? Join a CrossFit class in Wallingford Hamden to improve your strength. Our Gym has a class on the schedule for you, no matter how busy you are. Try us out FREE for 1 week and see why we have become the best gym and fastest growing fitness facility around.

World Class Coaching near Hamden

A gym is only as good as its coaches. At our gym in Wallingford near Hamden and North Haven, we are lucky to have one of Connecticut’s best fitness coaches calling FIT Wallingford home. Join us for a F.I.T. workout with a coach who cares about YOUR success.

Brian Watts (SqWatts) is a highly motivated, caring and passionate personal trainer in Wallingford, Hamden and North Haven who specializes in Weight Loss, Nutrition, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Boot Camp, Rowing, Running, & more. From the first time you arrive in our gym, you will notice our level of dedication. We provide the right amount of motivation and experience, without being “too close for comfort”. With our varied backgrounds and specialties, you will find a passion unparalleled in our area. Try us FREE for 1 week. You’ll see why we are the best gym for High Intensity Interval Training workouts. Come see the difference our dedicated coaching near Wallingford, Hamden and North Haven creates.

Our programs were brought together by Brian Watts (SqWatts as he’s known in the gym). In addition to rebuilding his health after surviving Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he has participated in multiple CrossFit competitions and has a sincere passion for helping people bring fitness into their lives. The F.I.T. program creates a unique twist on Boot Camp by combining all the elements you love in a Boot Camp class with all the toys available at our Wallingford CrossFit Gym. The F.I.T. program burns over 900 calories per hour and has helped Brian become one of the best personal trainers in Wallingford, Hamden and North Haven.

Group Photo at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith in Wallingford North Haven CT. F.I.T. Striking, Yoga and CrossFit Here
Group Photo at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith in Wallingford North Haven CT. F.I.T. Striking, Yoga and CrossFit Here

Perfect Location

FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith is located at the end of exit 13 off I-91. Our building is visible from the highway, making us convenient for anyone driving through Wallingford from Hamden, North Haven or Durham. Our Gym is in an 8500 Sq Ft warehouse with plenty of room for every type of workout, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Low Coach to Athlete ratio

Our Wallingford CrossFit Gym Workouts were built to get you individualized coaching in a group atmosphere. We believe in this philosophy and average 1 coach for every 7 members in a class so that you always get the attention you deserve. We are the only Wallingford CrossFit gym serving North Haven, Hamden or Durham to give this low coach to athlete ratio. You will always get better results when your coach has the time to focus onyou. A low coach to athlete ratio makes every workout similar to having a personal trainer, but without the cost.

Incredible Facility

Our 8,500 sq. ft. location at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith in Wallingford near North Haven, Hamden and Durham is one of Connecticut’s premier CrossFit locations. Our Gym has enough space for running inside, two full showers, and a lobby for those days when you just need to sit on the couch before getting your day moving. There isn’t a better place for your Wallingford CrossFit workouts anywhere around the North Haven, Hamden or Durham areas. We spared no expense to bring the very best equipment and facility around.


We are the gym for the every day individual. Our Wallingord CrossFit Gym Workout Program is built around our members’ needs. We have built a reputation for having the passion and understanding to help members succeed in fitness. We are the best gym for weight loss, burning fat, getting stronger and simply getting in shape. Our programming is a solid mix of Strength, Fun, Games, with a some Cardio cleverly mixed in the middle.  With members from every age group and coaches who are dedicated to you, you need to give us a try. Try us FREE for 1 week and see for yourself.


Looking to lose weight or get in shape? F.I.T. gives you 55 minutes of nonstop effort using light weight and body weight only. You won’t find Olympic Lifting here, but you will find all of the toys we have available in a CrossFit Gym. Our members think of it as CrossFit without the heavy weight. We think of it as the best 55 minute workout you’re ever going to find. You can expect to burn up to 900 calories in an hour during this boot camp style class. Try F.I.T. FREE for 1 Week and see for yourself.


Do you want to Start CrossFit or F.I.T.? Do you feel like you need to “get in shape” to get started? The Launch Program at FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith is the best place in Wallingford or North Haven to Startor Begin CrossFit at. This class is designed to teach you the fundamental movements that create a CrossFit or FIT workout.  It combines an introduction to weightlifting movements such as the Squat and Deadlift. It teaches you basic gymnastics movements such as the Pull Up and Push Up.  It prepares you for plyometrics by introducing the box jump and the sprint as well as introduces mobility and flexibility.  Launch is the perfect way to start any fitness program because every movement is universal.

Can’t find Launch on our schedule?  We schedule this privately so that you can have a solid introduction to our gym. This class is completely FREE with no obligation. Come see what F.I.T. and CrossFit are all about!


Join us in proudly supporting our CrossFit Zenith friends & resources.